Brown Bag Session

2022-11-23 12:00 - 13:00 E19.14

Summary Up2Standards research project Stijn Bruls (mock defense proposal)

Patients are increasingly receiving care from multiple health care providers. Within the acute care patients transfer between General Practitioners (GPs), emergency control rooms, regional ambulance services and Emergency Departments (EDs). Especially during emergencies timely exchange between practitioners is crucial for patient safety. However, these practitioners rely on a patchwork of exchange modes such as phone, fax, mail, and even latex gloves or toilet paper, which and still requires the manual (time consuming and error prone) entries of patient data in their health information systems. Digitalizing these what I call “Health Information Exchange practices” is widely believed as the solution for improving the quality, efficiency and safety of healthcare. One often mentioned requirement for the digitalization of HIE is unity in language and technologies, referred to as standardization of digital HIE technologies. Yet, efforts to improve HIE practices (such as standardization) have resulted in underutilization and negative user experiences. Improvements do not necessarily nor automatically replace current HIE practices in the local context. This research project focusses on how current HIE practices and efforts to improve those practices interconnect. During this session I aim to elaborate on how these results from this research should provide insights in the impact of interacting practices that keep the status quo in place resulting in underutilization.