Polymorphic Encryption and Pseudonymisation: privacy and security by design in a medical research context.

This project is about privacy friendly exchange of medical data for specific medical research purposes. The PEP methodology combines advanced encryption with distributed pseudonymisation, and distribution of trusted data with fine-grained access management. The first pilot project is a research data repository for a large scale Parkinson’s Disease research project.

Privacy-friendly sharing of research data is only effective if there is a multidisciplinary approach. A combination of consent (subject’s rights), governance (organizational), data use agreements (legal) and technical measures (encryption, pseudonimisation) is required in an integrated approach. All these aspects are very relevant from an iHub perspective.

The aim of the project is to design, build and implement a system that can be used as a privacy friendly and secure data repository for medical research data. The repository has a projected life span of 20 years.

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Radboudumc – Personalized Parkinson Project

Verily Life Sciences


Healthy Brain Study (Radboudumc, Max Planck Institute, Radboud University)


Provincie Gelderland: Privacy en Security in gepersonaliseerde zorg (July 2016 - April 2020)

Europees Fonds voor Regionale Ontwikkeling: Innovatieplatform Chronische Pijn (May 2018 - December 2020)


Polymorphic Encryption


Research Data Repository

Privacy-friendly data sharing.