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Building a privacy-friendly small scale online voting system, to be used for voting for neighbourhood plans.

The identity platform IRMA can be used for (small scale) online voting. This IRMA-vote project develops an environment in which each voter first collects a voting card into their IRMA app, with a random, blindly issued voting number. Importantly, the issuer can check eligibility, via usual authentication with IRMA, but cannot see the voting number that is issued. This makes the voter anonymous. The voting number is registered, when the vote is cast, on a separate server, to prevent double voting. The voter puts a digital IRMA signature on the expressed vote. This guarantees integrity and authenticity. Afterwards, the cast votes are counted by a third server. They can be published so that everyone can verify the outcome. Moreover, each individual can check that their vote contributes in the right manner to the outcome. A first, incomplete version of IRMA-vote can be [tried online](https://election-register.sustainablesoftware.info/), purely as demonstration of what issuing voting cards and vote casting look like with IRMA. This website offers issuing and casting, via separate servers. In actual deployments should be run separately by different organizations. Counting votes is not included yet. This demo will be extended in due course. Note: this is an experimental environment. IRMA-vote is not meant for official national or local elections. It is developed for local consultations. A version with limited functionality will be made available for general use later on.

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  • privacy & security
  • autonomy & freedom
  • knowledge & expertise


  • iHub
  • a NL-DigiBeter project (jointly with the cities of Groningen and Amsterdam) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs


  • Municipality of Groningen
  • Municipality of Amsterdam


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