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iLab is the experimental in-house laboratory of iHub. iLab’s aim is to offer the technical substrate to iHub’s interdisciplinary research and to experiment with and develop new value-driven proofs of concept and software that puts scientific insights into practice and acts as a means of gaining new scientific knowledge. This way we can quickly test an interdisciplinary hypothesis, and experiment with securing public values and the common good in digitalization processes. Examples include new Yivi applications (e.g. electronic voting), apps and infrastructure for secure storage of medical or pedagogical data. Selected iLab projects are scaled up either in-house or with external partners, and guided to the market.

  • bringing disciplines from across the humanities, computer and social sciences together to address challenges raised by digitalization;
  • by focusing on the core values which are destabilized and need protection in digitalization processes;
  • by adopting a critical and constructive approach.

Values & techniques

Different disciplinary perspectives and diverse quantitative and qualitative methods are necessary for understanding how we adapt to digital transformations and for crafting solutions to the challenges they pose.

iHub therefore fosters interdisciplinary, collaborative research that involves scholars from a wide range of disciplines, including: computer science, philosophy, law, linguistics, educational sciences, behavioral and communication sciences, Science and Technology Studies and organizational studies, and history.

In line with this combined approach, iHub encourages active collaboration with industry, non-profit organisations, and government. iHub also welcomes external researchers to join for a sabbatical and/or research visit.

Interdiciplinary research hub on digitalization and society