2022-05-30 15:30 - 17:00 E19.14 and online

Dr. David Murakami Wood is the director of the Surveillance Studies Centre, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, Queen’s University at Kingston, Canada and incoming Professor of Critical Surveillance and Security Studies, University of Ottawa. This talk is organized together with PI.Lab.

During the seminar, David Murakami Wood will characterize the platform city as an increasingly dominant form of smart city, characterised by separation from the surrounding polity, hyper-entrepreneurial orientation, and almost total data extractivism and ubiquitous surveillance. Through an analysis of five proposed platform cities and platform city policies, this presentation explores the social and political relations of this AI-driven formation, the characteristics of ’platform city people’ and how they and their cities relate to the wider world in an age of planetary crisis.

You are welcome to join us, please reach out to for more information.