2019-04-18 15:30 - 17:00 Erasmus building, E2.50

In law, common sense and policy documents, when it goes about privacy-protection one notion implicit or explicit – prevails: autonomy. But this concept pays a price for its popularity: there is a problematic tendency to stretch the meaning of autonomy. This tendency rises the suspicion that there is more to say in privacy-protection than the autonomy-vocabulary allows. I therefore I discuss two alternative lines of privacy-justifications:

The contextual integrity model of Helen Nissenbaum has become very influential. Unfortunately this model has some problems. Nissenbaum refers to a variety of sources and uses several terms to explain the normativity in her model. The notion ‘context’ is not specific and faces the reproach of conservatism. We elaborate on the most promising suggestion to define the notion ‘context’ in a better way.