2021-11-02 16:00 - 17:30 E19.14

Dr. Matthias Braun (Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg) will talk about trust and algorithms in his presentation: β€œCan you trust an algorithm and should you?”.

Trust is considered one of the key concepts in dealing with new technologies such as artificial intelligence. Quite a few statements, reports and papers even go so far as to see the trustworthiness of artificial intelligence as a central ethical criterion for the evaluation of a technology. What often remains unclear is what is actually meant when trust is mentioned in such contexts. Does it mean agreeing with something? Does it mean to endorse something? In my talk, I will use a social philosophical approach to do three things: First, I will briefly examine which philosophical concepts of trust can be distinguished and what we can meaningfully mean when we speak of trust in a new technology. In a second step, I will argue that trust always consists of an ambivalence of trust and mistrust. I argue that distrust is not simply the negative side of trust, but has its own constructive value. Bringing these two thoughts together, I will show in a third step what consequences this has for thinking about trust in artificial intelligence.

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