2019-10-03 15:30 - EOS 01.610

Large scale biomedical research, involving many different types of data, some of them measured over a prolonged period of time, can provide new insights in the biological mechanisms governing health and disease. Typically the data concerned are sensitive data, and large numbers of people are involved. These studies represent a high cost in terms of resources required to perform all analyses and to get the results in a form where they can be used for research, but also from the personal perspective of participants sharing their data. At the same time many different researchers should be enabled to make use of the data, maximizing the return on all these investments. This context provides many challenges in protecting the privacy of participants, protection of the data from illegitimate access, and enabling legitimate use. My talk will address these challenges, which are multidisciplinary by nature, with a special focus on a privacy-friendly research data repository that is currently being developed by an iHub team, in cooperation with several large cohort studies on the Radboud campus.

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